Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rugby, School, and a Vega Reunion

My group at Cromer
I'm finally starting to get adjusted to life in Norwich even though I am always busy! Despite the fact I only have class once a week, I am very busy with the newspaper, rugby, and other activities I am getting involved in. This past week for my Dickinson class we were split up into groups and had to go to different areas outside of Norwich. My group went to Cromer. It reminded me of a touristy beach town, full of arcades, little shops, and restaurants. It was on the coast and no one was really out and about, probably because it just started getting to be chilly here (as opposed to the 80 degree weather we had this past week).  Also this week my friend Chloe's parents came to visit and took a bunch of us out to dinner on Thursday and Friday. We went to Cafe Rouge and the Last Wine Bar and the food was absolutely delicious! I haven't had that many food babies in a looooooong time. On Saturday I went back to London with two other girls to do more research for the papers we have to write for the Dickinson class we took in London and I met up with one of my friends from Camp Vega who is studying in Italy and happened to be in London that weekend! We met up for lunch at an Indian food restaurant on the infamous Brick Lane and went to Camden Market for a bit, amongst doing research for my paper, of course. It was really fun and great to see her again.
Olivia and I on the tube! V for Vega!

Two rugby girls and I at a social
I started playing rugby here and so far I love it! I am not very good as I just started playing it a week ago, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Being someone who grew up playing soccer (or football as the Brits say) and lacrosse, two sports where you can't even nudge someone without getting in trouble on the field, it is very hard for me to get my head around the fact that I am supposed to tackle people. Luckily, we have two coaches, two boys who play for the boys rugby team, that help us out in practice and give us tips on improvement. So far I have rolled both of my ankles and hurt my knee. Typical. My team captain keeps joking that she'll have to spend time in the A&E (accident and emergency, not the channel) room a lot and keeps saying that if that happens on the bright side unlike in America, being treated there will be free. Mom and Dad don't freak out, I'll do my best to ensure this doesn't happen.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a job on campus! If I get it I will be inputting data into a computer twice a week from the phoneathon students participate in the night before. This is when students call old alumni asking for donations. I really hope I get this job; it would be nice to have a little extra pocket money so I can actually shop and be able to do more activities and go to more events here. Wish me luck!

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