Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Prelude

In approximately one month and four days I will be on a plane going to England, where I will be studying abroad for the year. I decided that is was necessary to create a blog to document my escapades that will ensue after I arrive, as I created this blog to share with my friends, family, and random bored strangers to keep them up to date on what I am doing abroad (and hopefully after I return as well). If you're lucky I might even write some posts before I leave if something occurs that I feel is worth sharing to the public. Though I already have a Tumblr, I realized that it is full of random images, songs, and videos I decided I liked one day and that all my posts on it are more article-esque, written on certain topics as opposed to my daily activities. I could very well choose to change the style of my Tumblr, but as many know I am a media addict and decided creating a blog for a different purpose on Blogger was necessary. Don't expect too many posts, or any posts at all most-likely, on this blog until it becomes very close to the time I leave. I am currently working at Camp Vega in Maine and will then return to my home in Connecticut before I "become" a European, and though I am sure some would absolutely LOVE to hear about my long days working with kids, soon to turn into my long days doing homework for school, eating, and sleeping, I think I am going to spare everyone else the agony. So sit back, relax, and stay tuned until blog posts return!

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