Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Few Days

Welp last night was my first night out on the town in London! To begin this wonderful adventure, our entire group went to a showing of the broadway Fela, a show about the struggles of a Nigerian man named Fela shortly after Nigeria became independent from Britain in the 1980s. Though very comical, this show had strong political messages about the government and turned out to be very depressing in the end when all of the women Fela loved are murdered. After this show, a few of us decided to go out in order to have a "real" London experience. We started out by checking out a couple of pubs, followed by going to a pub/nightclub called Verve. It was definitely an experience! The crowd was a lot older than I was expecting and there were some interesting people around, but overall it was a lot of fun.

After a very fun and interesting night, I awoke this morning expecting another fun-filled day. Today we took a tour down the Thames River to Greenwich, where we checked out the Maritime Museum and the Observatory. I was astounded to find that the museum was free of charge to the public, as in the States going to a museum is very expensive. I think it is great that they do that; it allows people to become more knowledgeable and engaged with their countries history up close and personal.

Tonight is a free night for us, and hopefully we will have some more fun adventures to share!

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