Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Chocolate Devil

Okay, don't judge me for this but I had the BEST chocolate cake I have ever had IN MY LIFE the other day. It was so good in fact I felt that it was necessary to devote a blog post solely to the description of this slice of heaven. It was a very moist chocolate cake, filled with chocolate mousse,topped with a sweet chocolate ganache frosting, and embellished with a mini cream puff on the edge. Just typing this description is making my mouth water! Oh my gosh, I'm actually dying for a piece now. Crap.

Now you might wonder why I would refer to such a delicious treat as a devil, but I have very good reasons: 1. the bakery shop where I bought the cake is right around the corner from my hotel, 2. it was very inexpensive, 3. after eating it, I crave it all the time, and 4. it was SO GOOD I ate the entire slice. Yes, by myself. It's fine. However, I am proud of myself as I continue to fight my will and resist buying and enjoying another piece. Trust me, this is not a hard thing to do.

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