Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Night at the Proms

Me (wearing Auntie Sue's earrings!!!) and Bruke at the Proms
Last night we went to the BBC Last Night at the Proms in Hyde Park and it was SO much fun! Originally I was expecting it to be an outdoor classical music concert, but it was so much more than that. There were a variety of different artists, from opera singers to old pop boy bands to drum players. I was surprised to see how patriotic this event was, reminding me a lot of 4th of July in America. People were decked out in their country colors, waving flags high up in the sky to the beat and singing along to all of the inspirational songs being sung. Everyone brought their own food and drinks (yes, alcoholic) and set up a picnic for themselves on the lawn. In the back of the lawn, everyone was sitting down and watching but up in the front everyone was up dancing around with each other to the music. As Tony the Tiger would say, it was grrrrrrr-eat!

Today is our first and only day off since arriving in London and I am currently waiting for everyone else to wake up. Not sure what the day has in store for me, but we shall see! I would say I would just go shopping, but I'm trying to save my money for my upcoming travels.

Another side note: THETA GOT IT'S NEW PLEDGE CLASS YESTERDAY!!! Can't wait to meet all of PC '11 <3

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