Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Days Are Heating Up

Literally. The weather finally warmed up here and it no longer feels like October. It now feels a bit more like early September. Thank goodness. Anyways, I had a very successful last couple of days. Yesterday we paid a visit to Regent's Park, a gorgeous place, almost like a maze, that I would say is both nicer and larger than Central Park. It is like a maze there, kind of like the city of London. Why was I able to make that comparison? Probably because I got lost for a half and hour on a run yesterday and ended up going in a circle, as I kept running in the wrong direction. Whoops. At least I am getting to know other areas of London better now!

Today, we attempted to go to the Sir John Sloane Museum. Unfortunately, they would not let student groups go in today, so we were unable to go inside. Fortunately, that meant we essentially had a free day. WOOHOO! As it was a nice day once again, a bunch of us went to check out the Camden Markets. They were like a bigger, more upscale Canal Street, filled with shops, kiosks, and delicious food. They were awesome! And, yet again, I had a successful shopping trip (don't worry parents, I haven't been spending too much money). I bought a Beatles tank top and FINALLY found a nice, affordable pair of brown combat boots. I've only been searching for them for a few weeks now, no big deal.

Tonight we are having a mixer with the kids who came here through the Dickinson Science Program at a  pub along the Thames River. Here's hoping to a nice night, filled with lots of laughs and fun!

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